Companies of today are striving daily to improve; working towards goals and dreams. Nothing is more beautiful than realising these dreams together with colleagues.

Within the world of HR, we aim to give the Career Owner more autonomy by providing a better framework using available technology. Setting up geneHRations means combining the strengths of all our ventures. Through our network of entrepreneurs in HR Tech, we aim to innovate step by step and realise even more added value for our clients.

The future is a flexible career

A number of forces play a role every day. Forces such as more flexibility in both ‘career’ and ‘job’: a 40-year career within the same company is something for the older generations, young people switch jobs several times. And even within the same job staying within the same function nowadays is rare since we are working with ‘roles’.

In short: the candidate is currently the ‘Career Owner’ and is increasingly in the driving seat of his own career.

A network of HR Tech entrepreneurs

Each of our ventures can rely on geneHRations to show that they belong to a larger group of more than 200 HR Tech specialists. With this, everyone can be proud to work together as HR Tech entrepreneurs to make the HR world more efficient every day and to offer our clients more added value daily through better processes and better insights into their data. The ventures also continue to have their own specific brand and can thus retain their own identity. With geneHRations, we give ‘the best of both worlds’ to our ventures. A razor-sharp identity for every venture in itself, but also a common flag to carry and belong to.

Prato Capital

At Prato, we built up a portfolio of highly specialised HR Tech ventures. The establishment of Prato Capital will enable us to invest more than 25 million euros in this fascinating world in the coming years. Every day, our teams put together more and more pieces of the puzzle. So many ideas, so much desire to give the HR Tech world the tools and processes they really deserve!