Prato launches Prato ATS, a recruitment and selection tool that is fully integrated with PratoFlex, the mid- and back office software for temporary employment. PratoFlex is currently being used by some of the biggest staffing agencies in Belgium.

Prato ATS (ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System) will enable recruiters to work faster and more efficiently, improving both the sourcing process and the recruiting experience.

Thanks to the integration PratoFlex clients will have an end-to-end process, from sourcing to making contracts and payroll.

Partnership with OTYS

Prato has set up a partnership with OTYS, the European market leader in recruitment software with 18 years of experience. This partnership originated from the demand of tools for sourcing, matching, and publication of dedicated job board websites that was increasing in the temporary staffing market.

Relying on a strong partner meant 2 advantages: a faster go-to-market and a clear focus for the PratoFlex roadmap. By integrating an existing product the teams at Prato keep on working in what Prato is good at: a strong mid- and back office.

Towards a platform

This (recent) change in product strategy is giving a lot of possibilities to expand and evolve towards a strong and reliable backbone for contracts and payroll. Until this point, PratoFlex only had backend integrations (for accounting and legal purposes) but from this point on Prato will integrate with so-called “front office” tools such as OTYS.

Integrated with Actonomy

This story has a great bonus: OTYS is already integrated with Actonomy, which -like Prato- is also a venture of geneHRations. Actonomy is delivering the semantic technology for matching within OTYS and now also Prato ATS.


Prato and OTYS are planning the rollout of a fully integrated Prato ATS during 2019.